• Secure Scan
  • Innovation Center 


  • Securescanner is a breakthrough ultrasound technology (patent pending) that will improve access to care via a secure solution to the current regulatory barriers of ultrasound use in India.
  • Securescanner™ will be the only ultrasound device designed to operate in strict compliance with India’s pcpndt act and it will reduce the need for highly skilled operators.
  • SECURESCAN-EHE India pvt ltd, a 100% subsidiary of SECURESCAN USA, will design, develop, manufacture & market the securescanner
    EHE has 40% stake in securescan international, USA.
  • Securescan is projected to achieve a business of $22mn in next 5 years with a marketshare of 4%.
  • A strong team of professionals with proven track record in running highly successful companies which have been either acquired or reached IPO stage.


  • INNOVATION CENTRES help in creating a forum for Industry, Institution and Hospitals to work together for developing affordable innovative healthcare devices/solutions.
  • EHE has been in the forefront for establishing, nurturing and mentoring Innovation Centres in reputed Medical/Scientific/Engineering Institutions.
  • Incubation Centres established as part of this initiative provides opportunities for Technopreneurs to interact with EHE’s extensive network of Domain Experts/VC’s/Industries.
  • EHE has coordinated in the establishment of one such Innovation Centre in BMS College of Engineering which already has 4 Incubator companies enlisted to start their projects immediately.